Clan Information

The Dark Forest is the afterlife for those who believe in StarClan, but break the code and have dark hearts. It is equivalent to the Greek Hades, except much darker and crueler. Years ago, it was populated by character such as Tigerstar, but after the fall of the Clans, they all faded away. Currently, their only leader is Fallenstar.

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Former Leader

Fallenstar - dark blue-gray tom, said to be the Dark Forest's current leader. (RP'd by whiskers)

Former Deputies


Former Medicine Cats

Darkfern - tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with pale green eyes. (RP'd by zel)

Former Warriors

Softwhisker - white and brown tabby she-cat. (RP'd by Patch)
Flowerpetal - pretty yellow tabby she-cat. (RP'd by Patch)
Heatherwind - brown and white tabby she-cat. (RP'd by Mink)

Former Apprentices

Coming Soon


Stormpaw - white tom. (RP'd by Patch)
Flamepaw - flame-point tom. (RP'd by whiskers)
Rabbitpaw - chocolate smoke tom. (RP'd by Mink)
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