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StarClan is an equivalent to heaven, where all of those who believe in it and obey the code rest after they die. They generously guide the Clans and keep them in check, and even communicate to Medicine Cats or even Leaders on occasion. Currently, they have no deceased leaders, for all were long forgotten years ago when the Clans disbanded. The Dark Forest is the sworn enemy of StarClan.

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Former Leader

Aella - pale tortoiseshell she-cat. (RP'd by Mink)

Former Deputies

Vixentail - russet molly with a white tail tip. (RP'd by whiskers)
Codfin - calico tom with a stubby tail. (RP'd by Mink)

Former Medicine Cats

Edna - pale tortoiseshell she-cat. (RP'd by Mink)
Betty - dark brown tabby she-cat. (RP'd by Mink)

Former Warriors

Coming Soon

Former Apprentices


Former Queens & Kits



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