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Ever wondered what would happen to the Clans if Rusty never joined? Then come on over and join us! To join a faction, you may either message an admin (our current admin(s) are: Silverwhisker & Patchfeather14), or you may request to join on a factions's talkpage.


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On this wiki, we have five Clans: RiverClan, ShadowClan, ThunderClan, WindClan, and SkyClan. Please do not add characters in at random, rather request on talk pages or ask an admin. If you do not ask, your character will be removed. If you aren't interested in joining a Clan, your tom or she-cat can start out as a loner or rogue, or even a kittypet! Please note that you may not make your own Clan or Tribe.

To get started, please check out our Rules and our faction pages! If you need help with creating your character, check out the Help page. Oh, and feel free to write fanfictions. :)

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